Wishrock’s sustainability department oversees the greening of our existing portfolio by working with strategic partners to reduce our portfolio’s energy consumption, secure soft funding for energy related improvements and to work with our tenants and management to create ways to make living in our apartment communities healthier and more sustainable.


Wishrock is deeply committed to sustainability, incorporating a philosophy of long term sustainability it its development and management of all of its properties and in its organizational activities and culture. As a preservation developer, rehabilitating existing but outdated buildings, we reuse existing materials and infrastructure reducing the energy and resources required to manufacture and transport new materials to create new buildings and reducing sprawl. Wishrock’s development activities meet or exceed stringent standards for sustainability and green building, most often being certified enterprise green communities. As one of several affordable housing development organizations on the leading edge of sustainability, having recognized both the responsibility and the opportunity, Wishrock’s sustainability department works with its developers on design and development of new projects, oversees the existing portfolio to reduce energy and water consumption, and participates with other leaders in the industry to create innovative solutions and opportunities. Click here for the Sustainability Plan Summary »


In February 2011, President Obama, building upon the investments of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, announced the Better Buildings Challenge to make commercial and industrial buildings 20% more energy efficient over the next 10 years and accelerate private sector investment in energy efficiency. Wishrock is proud to be a member of this initiative and is on-track to meet or exceed the goals of the program.