What $500 Can Do

Children’s Saving Accounts

Over 1.3 million American children born each year – and more than half of minority children – are born into families with negligible savings to invest in their futures. Children’s Savings Accounts (CSAs) have the potential to expand educational and economic opportunity for low- and moderate-income families. Research indicates that low- and moderate-income children with college savings of just $500 or less are 3 times more likely to enroll in college and 4 times more likely to graduate! Moreover, family ownership of assets can give children a transformative sense of possibility and hope for the future.

CFED is engaged in a range of strategies to support the development and growth of CSA programs and asset-building opportunities for all children in the United States through large-scale programs, innovative partnerships and effective public policy solutions. Specifically, CFED aims to help integrate CSAs into existing systems serving children and youth, including municipalities, schools, early childhood development programs, college readiness programs, affordable housing and similar networks.

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